A woman called on behalf of her mother, who just came to the United States a few months prior as a refugee from Ukraine. Upon arriving, she had no income and no health insurance, but multiple medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. Her daughter (the caller) and her husband had been struggling to pay for all of the medications. The 2-1-1 Specialist connected her with our... read more


Sharon, one of 2-1-1’s Specialists, received an early morning call from a young woman who was very distressed. She was crying and said that she just needed someone to talk to. After doing a lethality assessment to ensure her caller wasn’t suicidal, Sharon began to talk her through the situation. She said that she had two children she was raising on her ow,... read more


If you’re a Cuyahoga County resident contacting 2-1-1, expect to be asked if you or anyone else in your household is a veteran or serving active duty in the military. This isn’t just because there are often additional services available to this population, but also because 2-1-1 has a dedicated Veteran Coordinator – Alex – who runs our Help2Vets information and advocacy program. One client who... read more