Housing and Utilities

Resources for finding and maintaining housing and utility service.

Housing and Utilities

2-1-1 Community Resource Navigation Specialists can work with you to locate services that help individuals and families ensure they have a safe, stable space in which to live. This includes programs that provide emergency housing or shelter, and that help people find permanent housing, maintain utility service, assist with home maintenance or, if necessary, prevent eviction or foreclosure.

There's an entire spectrum of housing supports and services to help anyone in nearly any housing situation put and keep a roof overhead. Emergency shelters temporarily house those without other housing options, and often work to connect individuals with a permanent housing solutions.

A number of organizations exist to better help renters understand their rights as tenants, mediate any issues they may have with landlords or leasing companies, and, in the event of an imminent eviction, provide advocacy, direct mediation with the property owner or court, or even financial assistance.

There are programs that offer guidance, counseling and loans for homebuyers. Current homeowners may find programs that perform or help pay for minor or major home repairs, offer mortgage or property tax information or counseling, and provide foreclosure prevention assistance.

We can also talk to you about utility assistance options, including information about payment plans, discounts, negotiation programs, and possible bill payment assistance designed to help people maintain affordable gas, electric, water and telephone service.

2-1-1's Community Resource Navigation Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days to assist you in finding the best community resources to fit your needs.

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