Food, Clothing and Household Items

Services that provide access to food, clothing, diapers and other basic household items. 

Food, Clothing and Household Items

2-1-1 Community Resource Navigation Specialists can help you find access to food (pantries, hot meals and Food Stamps), as well as items and supplies for setting up and/or maintaining a household. Equipment and items that contribute to child and household safety can also be found here.

Food Pantries are places that provide an emergency supply of groceries (and sometimes grooming and cleaning supplies); many serve a particular zip code or specific neighborhood. Some organizations offer soup kitchens, which serve hot meals to those in need, while others deliver meals to specific areas for a fee (these are generally for older adults and the disabled). Food Assistance (also known as Food Stamps or the Ohio Direction Card) can be used to buy groceries at local stores (eligible recipients get a monthly allotment of cash added to an EBT card).

There are other services that can help with accessing no- or low-cost furniture, kitchenware and other household items. Some provide vouchers for new clothing, while others may offer free clothing for specific purposes (such as employment or job interviews). There are also free clothing rooms where people can browse through donated clothing, and thrift stores that offer low cost, used clothing, shoes, and small appliances.

During the holiday season, some agencies offer holiday-related baskets, meals, and toy distributions. In mid to late Summer, eligible families may register to receive school supplies. Tools, building supplies and safety items (such as child car seats, smoke detectors or medical alert devices) may also be available.

2-1-1's Community Resource Navigation Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days to assist you in finding the best community resources to fit your needs.

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