A disabled veteran and father of four called 2-1-1 a few weeks after a Christmas Day fire ravaged the family’s home. Insurance covered the dwelling, but not their possessions, or a place for them to stay while the home was being repaired. By the time they reached us, the family had exhausted not only emergency assistance from the Red Cross, but also their own savings and help from their extended family.

As a Community Resource Navigation Specialist with 2-1-1's Help2Vets program, I received the call and listened as the father talked through the family's situation. Sensing his desperation, I urged the father to call the Veteran’s Service Commission for emergency assistance. When I followed up with him and heard that the Commission provided him with rent vouchers and helped him find an apartment for him and his family, I felt an immense sense of relief.

Unfortunately, on moving day, the owners of the apartment complex informed him that they had decided to decline the vouchers and would not allow the family to move in. With their belongings in boxes, the Veterans Service Commission closed for the day, and no place to go, the father reached back out to 2-1-1.

This time, I was able to connect him with the Veteran’s Administration, which was able to provide the family with the emergency hotel accommodations until a more permanent solution could be found. I continued to follow-up with him, and, with further assistance from the Commission, he was able to move his family into an apartment (with six months' rent covered) while their home was repaired.

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