Municipal and Community Services

Local, state and federal government offices and non-government services targeted at improving entire communities.

Municipal and Community Services

2-1-1 Community Resource Navigation Specialists can work with you to find resources that serve the greater needs of the community, including local, county, state or federal administrative entities, and elected offices. Information about other non-governmental agencies, such as libraries, public transportation providers and telephone companies, is also available by contacting 2-1-1.

For those looking to contact the police or mayor's office, locate a nearby library or renew a driver's license, we can help to find the administrative headquarters of local city and county departments, state and federal agencies, and the offices of elected and appointed officials at various levels of government.

Some agencies provide accreditation of programs and facilities and may accept complaints about and/or provide referrals to the services that they accredit (these could range from summer camps to educational programs).

We also have information about various services related to transportation (such as public transit, senior rides, or assistance with paying for things like car repairs or gas cards); services and programs of the Department Of Veterans Affairs, The Department of Defense, and private organizations that target veterans and active duty personnel; and jails, prisons and services related to community corrections and supports for the families of those incarcerated.

Plus: programs, services and offices related to disaster response and planning; animal welfare services (such as where to report animal cruelty/ neglect and places that providing spay/neuter services); services focusing on the well being and safety of older adults (such as senior centers or friendly visiting programs); development and planning services for businesses, nonprofits and communities; public health services that address issues such as pest control, food safety, water quality and other environmental health concerns; and information on voter registration and voting.

2-1-1's Community Resource Navigation Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days to assist you in finding the best community resources to fit your needs.

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